All-Inclusive Package

All-Inclusive Package

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Make your home shine against the competition 

- Use what you already own! - 


1-on-1 Advice + Staging Checklist

  1. A video call where you tour me through the home you're selling with your smartphone.  I make suggestions for furniture (re)arrangement, de-cluttering, and home improvements to improve marketability.  The call is up to 45 minutes and scheduled in advance.  You get a recorded copy of the call that you can reference as you work through the ideas we discuss during our call.
  2. I put everything we discuss during our video call into a room-by-room (and exterior) Staging Checklist that outlines exactly how to stage your home using your furnishings and cost-effective upgrades that will improve the sale-ability.  Your custom checklist includes recommended improvements (paint colors, high-end hacks) and Amazon shopping links for props (decorative pillows, rugs, towels, decor) that will make your home shine and stand out against the competition!